Life in Lapland

To my delight I write today a short article in English. In this article I will tell a bit about my home and what is going on at the moment in Home in Lapland.


Life in Lapland can be very exciting even for people who are permanently living in here. This time of the year I have daily free theater show made by Lappish nature in my backyard. This is easy, because we have a huge living room windows  in this house with the most perfect view. This morning did start normally with total darkness and step by step it turned to bright whiteness. I would describe this beauty with the title Frozen land. One moment the sky is burning with yellow colour and a moment after it is cool white.  Sometimes this theater show also offers wild animals like rabbits, squirrels and foxes. It is only 10 minutes drive to the city center from this wilderness. Isn´t it fun!


Polar night time, Kaamos period or time of the blue moment.  The whole Lapland is covered by amazing blue veil. While cold, crispy nights you can see the northern lights as a spicy highlight of the arctic day.

Yes, it is a Polar Night Magic!


Blue moment, in Lapland it can be more than you expect. It is not only blue sky, the whole world feels more calm and cool.

This is a perfect time to have a cup of hot drink, enjoy of candle light, decorate house with Christmas lights, read a good book in front of the fireplace and spend a quality time with the family and friends. In  December we do it with the Christmas tea or glass of glögg (mulled wine).


Last week we started Christmas preparations at Home in Lapland. Our traditional little Christmas party weekend with the children always includes decoration of the ginger breads, Christmas carrols and glögg with raisins, of course .



One very important part of my family traditions is to visit Mr Santa Claus himself . It takes only 15 minutes to drive to the Arctic Circle from my home. The Santa Claus Village is the very special place to be in December. If you ever come to Rovaniemi, The Official Hometown of Santa Claus, this is the place to visit!


This was  a little peek into Home in Lapland. I hope you did enjoy of it. See you in Lapland!




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